03/06 - High-quality CO₂ monitoring for companies in the sports and fashion industry

Our CO₂ Improve program helps companies in the fashion, textile and sports industry measure CO₂ emissions in logistics, based on the collected shipping data, and then reduce them through individual improvements and collective industry projects.

An official certification of each company’s CO₂ footprint will follow in the coming years, even going so far that accountants will need to sign; and in future possible CO₂ tax being introduced.

CO₂ Improve offers high-quality CO₂ monitoring that meets future standards. The calculations are based on the well-known GLEC Framework, the international standard for emission calculation developed by the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC). The results of the CO₂ Improve analysis can be used for official reports and purposes.

Are you interested in the possibilities for your company to reduce CO₂ emissions? Let us know via:
E. frank.buchmann@greenway-logistics.com / T. +45 60 40 00 00

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